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Dec 22 2013, 10:50 AM
This is a quick public post explaining to people who don't want to register or log in to see the private board explaining briefly what's going on with the Derelict project. I recently decided to refund the pledges made to me based on my inability to follow through on my fulfillment promises. What I was not aware of was that doing this would remove Derelict from backers' project history. Bad planning on my end. I sent a ticket to Kickstarter asking to have this reversed but I am not confident that there will be anything that they can do.

If you haven't already, I encourage you to read the official update I made to explain the situation. That is available here. If I am unable to get Derelict back on backers' history then I will have to find a new means of communicating information.
May 6 2013, 07:23 PM
Well I've launched the kickstarter campaign for Derelict: A Short Story. The response so far has been extraordinary. I didn't expect to be 20% funded not even two hours into the campaign. While I know that the pace of funding will taper dramatically by day three, the support I've received has already exceeded my expectations. I'm fairly confident that the target goal will be met. This means I have to start taking a serious look at stretch goals.

Whether or not you've chosen to back my project, your input is valuable. I'm trying to find what's really important to people in terms of what they would like to see. Do you want me to look into writing additional stores? Expanding on Derelict (which is possible, I did think up a way to continue the story a few extra chapters before its determined conclusion)? Focus on getting the story published on more mass market venues like

I want to establish stretch goals that people will be excited about and hopefully encourage those who may have been sitting on the fence to throw in their support. I've established the start of the project, I'd like to have your input in seeing the direction it takes from here.

As for rewards, a friend of mine suggested that I offer to read fiction in the public domain, i.e. create audiobooks unrelated to Derelict or my campaign. I hadn't thought of this myself because I don't regard myself as that great a reader but I suppose some people like it. If you have any opinions to share on this or ideas for other rewards I can add, feel free to contribute them here.

May 5 2013, 12:53 PM
This thread is to mention projects that are being funded through crowd source operations like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. If there's a project being crowd funded that you want to share with the others, please feel free to mention it here.

One project that I'm currently backing is the adventure game, A Small Favor. Funding closes on May 15th and the project is still twenty grand short, so right now it'd be a big favor to ClickShake Games if you were to decide to back them. Personally, I like Small Favor for several reasons. One big one is that it features a laser gun that's more than just a means of destruction but implemented as a tool to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. You essentially play as a freelance enforcer for a crime lord from whom you're trying to get out from under their thumb by doing "favors" and erasing your debt. The subversive nature of the game is also appealing to me.

Another project I'm favourable toward is Jagged Alliance: Flashback which is an officially licensed prequel to the classic tactical combat game, Jagged Alliance. When it comes to this genre a lot of people like to talk about X-Com, especially with the reboot developed by Firaxis; however, for me, Jagged Alliance constitutes the epitome of turn-based tactical combat games. It was also packed with charm as the mercenaries you hired each had their own scripted personalities, some of which would clash, and you had to organize, outfit, and lead them on operations while maintaining a budget. The Full Control studio promises to bring back the magic of what made the original franchises so enjoyable and I'm looking forward to playing this game on its release. Funding concludes on May 23rd.

A few projects that I supported in the past which are still accepting pledges through PayPal are:
  • Hero-U: There's no campaign that I put more effort in to promoting that this, an no experience that has had a greater impact on my deciding to pursue my own crowd funded venture. Hero-U is a hybrid adventure-game/RPG, developed by husband and wife team Lori and Corey Cole. These are the same people who created the Quest for Glory series, which is one of the most important titles I've played in my gaming history. Though it's a low budget title, Hero-U promises to make us rethink the way we look at computer roleplaying games.
  • Moebius: Moebius is the first crowd funding effort I ever backed, and I've never looked back since. Developed by veteran designer and award winning author Jane Jensen, Moebius is a mystery adventure game with a supernatural bent. Think of X-Files but with more grounding or a Dan Brown book that actually makes sense. With well developed characters and a deep storyline, if you ever wanted to know what a novel looked like in computer game form, you need look no farther than one of Jane Jensen's games.
  • The Last Door: Developed by Spain-based indie developer The Game Kitchen, The Last Door is a pixel-art adventure game inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe and HP Lovecraft. The low fidelity of the graphics, well scripted audio, and the superbly composed score of melancholic pieces are intended to harness the player's imagination to create moods that graphics alone can not achieve. Although currently limited to the pilot chapter, the music alone is worth the price of admission in my book.
  • Star Citizen : The most crowd funded game in history, this title is the spiritual successor to one of my favourite games of all tome: Wing Commander Privateer, which let you be your own Han Solo type character. You could pilot your spaceship and freely choose to become a merchant, pirate, mercenary, or bounty hunter. In Star Citizen, designer Chris Roberts promises to take what made Privateer great and turn it into a multiplayer experience. See you in the space lanes!

May 5 2013, 11:16 AM
I'm one of those people who often likes to write to music. Sometimes I pick an album that reflects the theme of the text I am writing while other times I choose a piece that represents the mood I am trying to achieve. Occasionally in the context of a particular scene I'll find a piece that I think fits it perfectly and put it on repeat until I've finished writing that scene.

As of the posting of this thread, my current writing project is the Derelict short story. The music that I've most often been listening to over the course of this project has been Michael McCann's score to the game X-Com: Enemy Unknown. I'm particularly fond of the Main Menu theme which strikes me as both mysterious and heroic with a futuristic bent, aspects that I think X-Com and my story share.

You can hear Mr. McCann's music at his website here. That link brings you to his sample page for "various clips" most of which are from X-Com. The track "Enemy Unknown" is the Menu Theme which I had mentioned.

Some of you may have read my character background of Mary Bexley. She was one of my roleplaying characters from a few years back whom I'm considering developing into the protagonist of a novel at some point in the future. Over the course of time several musical tracks have inspired me toward this end. Most recent was the "Success Montage" from Danny Elfman's score to the film Wanted. I'm not sure why but something about it just cries out "discovery" to me, which is a core component of Mary's motivations. She wants to be an explorer and an adventuress. She's always looking to see what's beyond the horizon. I think the answer lies in the title, "success" implies achievement and Mary is a person motivated to always be doing more or to be progressing to a new and better stage. Invention for Mary is no less heroic than that implied by McCann's fanfares above.

When in a more sombre mood, and when she's seriously perplexed by something and is determined to find a solution, the "In Memoriam" from Bruno Coulais excellent score to the excellent film Les Choristes (if you haven't seen it, by all means, go rent it on Netflix or something) I think fits well. I found a link on YouTube showing a live concert version here. To me this track calls to me of determination and in this respect perhaps better fits Mary's elder sister Agnes. Nevertheless, hearing this I can envision her walking down the streets of London, carrying books in the crook of her arm with the intent of poring over them in a candle-lit library, searching for some key in the dusty pages to unlock what secrets elude her.

Mary's story will ultimately include a Lovecraftian monster. Hans Zimmer composed a (disappointingly0 few tracks for the game Crysis 2. This one I found suitably creepy.

Anyway, I've established this thread for myself and others to share what music inspires us. It's sort of like a "What I'm Listening to Now" thread except that the music in question either motivates us or serves as a representation for our creative endeavours. Feel free to share your own such. I will periodically be updating the thread, myself as I write new scenes and develop more characters.
May 5 2013, 09:37 AM
Hello and welcome to my forum. I've set this post up to give a quick overview of the forum so that you know where everything is. This brief orientation will help you get straight to the business of participating in discussions and activities.

Over time as the forum grows this post will be updated to reflect changes made so feel free to check back here if something looks radically different from what you last remember.

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  • Derelict: A Short Story: For in-depth discussion on my crowd funded short story and debut work of fiction. Of the course of writing the story I will be submitting chapters here for members' review and critique. This board is mainly to contain spoilers so if you don't want to know how the story ends before you get a chance to read it, don't view this board. General discussion of the story may be discussed on the public fora.
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