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» Forum Overview, Message Board Navigation and Orientation
 Posted: May 5 2013, 09:37 AM
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Hello and welcome to my forum. I've set this post up to give a quick overview of the forum so that you know where everything is. This brief orientation will help you get straight to the business of participating in discussions and activities.

Over time as the forum grows this post will be updated to reflect changes made so feel free to check back here if something looks radically different from what you last remember.

Public Fora:
This category contains message boards visible to all members.
  • News and Information: For information pertaining to the forum and updates on related projects. Only SYSOPs may post new threads here but all members may post replies.
  • General Discussion: For, as the name implies, general discussion of generic topics that don't necessarily fit on other message boards.

Privileged Fora:
This category contains message boards visible only to those who have been flagged as privileged members and will not be visible otherwise. Privileged status is offered as a reward for people who have contributed instrumentally to my projects. If you believe you are supposed to have this status but can not see these boards, please send a message to your nearest SYSOP (that would be me).
  • Derelict: A Short Story: For in-depth discussion on my crowd funded short story and debut work of fiction. Of the course of writing the story I will be submitting chapters here for members' review and critique. This board is mainly to contain spoilers so if you don't want to know how the story ends before you get a chance to read it, don't view this board. General discussion of the story may be discussed on the public fora.
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